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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pike place public market on a sunny summer day

12 x 18 ink 12:20 pm
Enjoyed the large summer crowd of tourist and locals.  They were pouring into the historic market saved by local architect Victor Steinbrueck.   The market was slated for demolition and he had the vision to preserve the lively core of the city.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gold $eattle

GOLD $eattle- Let me know what you think? Not completely done with the painting, but thought I'd show a preview, since I'm so stoked about it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Friday, January 13, 2012


Defender ii30 will protect any city and keep the people safe.  Let us know if you would like to purchase the Defender ii30 and we will get on with the fabrication.  -Tsai Borg

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mcmenamin's Bar and Pub

Mcmenamin's Bar & Pub in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

As we crack the front door, the smell of ketchup and hops rule the air.  We enter into an eclectic bar with light fixtures from every period and an industrial character that keeps your eyes moving in every direction.  This would probably be an interior designer’s nightmare, but it’s like entering into a hoarder’s heaven.  We sit down and enjoy salty goodness of tator tots and a cold pint of the slightly sweet ruby red beer.  The couples behind us are indulging in conversation and the men at the bar sit staring into the rows of attractive liquor.  The symbol of the old Rainier brewery and the sign “This is OUR home” remind me of why I love Seattle.  There is nothing like a cold brew on a rainy day. 12/27/11

Ink drawing and Digital Coloring. 12x18 Signed Print $20+Shipping

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bauhaus Coffee House

Bauhaus Coffee House in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

Sitting here drinking my coffee with my beautiful wife, I watch the sunlight hit the books on the wall.  The wonderfully brewed coffee steams through the haze of the sun.  I contemplate borrowing one of the books on the wall, but they seem trapped unlike a library book that is free to roam.  There are excellent people here.  A gentleman sits reading a large book, larger than I've ever read.  It's probably a Tolstoy book.  He looks like he's been through a lot, like a fisherman on a large Alaskan troller.  He's been wind tossed with 30 foot waves battering his beard.  It's all but white now.  A tall girl chats with her Asian boyfriend and then gets up to go to the restroom.  As she passes I notice that she's a skinny man.  A lady sneaks in to catch a breath from the cold that has arrived in Seattle.  She seems to have slept on the street all day and needs to thaw her bones from the cold like the chicken you pull out from the freezer before dinner.  She is immediately noticed and is kicked out for not buying a coffee.  Another walks in, dressed like James Dean and sits down waiting for something.  He pulls out his Iphone like a comb.  He waits alone with no coffee.  12/26/11

Ink drawing and digital coloring
12x18 Print Signed, $20+Shipping

Friday, December 9, 2011

bauhaus coffee house & mcmenamin's pub sketches

Coffee and Beer, two yummy beverages.

Eloquent project (on the boards)

Eloquent Mixed Use:  High End Condominiums and Apartments with retail.  There is a urban garden open to the public with entrance in the center.  The materials are concrete with brick veneer, stucco, metal cladding, aluminum window system and wood.  LED lighting for an accent to the unique project.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smith Tower sketch

Ain't no love in the heart of the city, except for Seattle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

UDub Huskeez Stadium Status "DUB"

UDub Huskeez Pride T-shirts
Wear your "Dub" Stadium Status!

Purple and Gold

($20 +s/h)

Jerzee T-shirt Sizes

Thursday, September 8, 2011


(with a few pieces left to be added to the gallery...)

REFLECTIONS (Gas works Park, Seattle, WA)
  This is one of my favorite spots in Seattle to reflect and think about life.
Price:  Original 12 x 18 (Sold)  Prints: ($20 +s/h)

Night Life (Gas works Park, Seattle, WA)
Painted at night and one of the first night watercolors I've done.
Price:  Original 24 x 30 (Sold)  12x18Prints: ($45) ($20)

purchase options:

The Rising (Ballard Bridge, Seattle, WA)

This is on the south side of the burke gilman trail along the waterfront of Ballard.  Ballard has done some amazing renovations to old historic buildings, making it one of the hip places of Seattle.

Price: Original 12 x 18" ($250 framed) Prints: ($20)

Purchase Options:

Fallen Fruit Crates (Zilla, WA)
This is in the town that my lovely wife grew up in and where we went to stay for her reunion.  There was an orchard in the back with large crates that had toppled over.  I enjoyed the intense shadows that they created.
Price: Original 12 x 18 " ($250 framed) Prints: ($20)

Purchase Options:

Gum Wall (Seattle, WA)
This is in the alley way below the entrance to Pike Place Market.  It has been a major attraction in the area for tourist that add their own gum and saliva to the wall.  It's pretty gross, but it was interesting to paint pieces of gum.

Price: Original 12 x 18" (SOLD) Prints: ($20)

purchase Options:

INDIA ROYAL (near Jamnagar, INDIA)

This was a paradox I picked up on as I visited the non drinking, and vegetarian city of Jamnagar.  They enjoy a beautiful peaceful life of simplicity.

Price: Original 12x 18" ($250 framed) Prints: ($20)

Purchase Options:

CLEANSED (Near Jamnagar, INDIA)

 They enjoy a beautiful peaceful life of simplicity. I tried to capture the light that a village of stone, ancient colors, and stucco creates.  The joys of living with the local materials, local laborers, and pureness of the land. 
Price: Original 12 x 18" ($250 framed) Prints: ($20)

purchase Options:

FIRST KISS (Seattle, WA)

This is the Montlake Bridge near Husky Stadium by the University of Washington Campus.  The bridge kisses every once in a while as a boat passes under it.

Price: Original TRIPTIC SET ($150 framed)  Prints ($20)

Purchase Options:

Moonlight (Barcelona, Spain)

This was on our Honeymoon, near the picasso museum.  At night the horse statue is lit and reflects on the building.  The horseman stands upright with courage and pride.

Price:  Original 12 x 18" ($250 framed)  Prints ($20)

purchase Options:


Portland is a city with many bridges.  This was done in grad school while sitting on the waterfront in 2004.  It was the inspiration for this show.

PRICE: Original 12 x 18" ($300 framed)  Prints ($20)

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FREEMONT  (fremont, Seattle, WA)

Fremont hails as the Center of the Universe.  The neighborhood has a statue of Lenin, a rocket ship, and a troll that guards the waterfront bridge.  These are sites that should not be missed while visiting Seattle.

Price:  Original 12 x 18" (Sold),  Prints: ($20)

Purchase Options:

Montcada  (Barcelona, Spain)

This was a tight alley way near the Picasso museum.  It has balconies and archways that make the dark alleys of spain intensely irresistable.

Price:  Original 12 x18" ($250 framed),  Prints ($20)

purchase Options:

SPANISH ARMADA, Barcelona, Spain

A fleet of vacationing boats line the shores of Barcelona on the mediterranean Sea ready to attack the city.

Price:  Original 12 x 18" (SOLD), Prints ($20)

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TRITON (Seattle, WA)

Near the University Bridge the Triton Tug Boat settles in and is at moments notice always ready to Pull the next ship into Harbor.

Price; Original  12x 18"(SOLD),  Prints ($20)

purchase Options:

Public Market  (Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA)

Most people visit the upper areas of the market, and leave the lower areas to the locals.  Don't miss out on the beauty of the street grit.

Price: Original 30x 40" ($500 framed)  12 x 18 Prints ($45) ($20)

purchase options: